Classic Cuban rhythms with the pulsating sound of the new generation paired with impressive choreography and spectacular artistry.

Incomparable elegance, exoticism and Caribbean joie de vivre plus myriad effects blend together for a unique stage performance, making the show a memorable experience!

This striking and varied stage production with its hot Caribbean sounds will transport the audience straight to the heart of Cuba.

Havana Nights is an incredibly fast-paced show with lightning-fast changes and seamless transitions from the acrobatic exotic to hot salsa scenes. An unforgettable firework of the famed Cuban temperament!

33 top-class performers are ambassadors of Cuba’s joie de vivre and high spirits.

Caribbean flair for an all-round sensory experience!



Havana Nights Dance Company
The Revolution of Choreography

Only the best dancers in Havana are engaged by the “Havana Nights Dance Company”.

Since 2015 the choreographers have been devoting all their passion to the modern, urbane and nostalgic style.

Incredibly fast combinations of steps and a high level of acrobatics paired with their original creativity are what distinguish the dancers of the Havana Nights Dance Company.

With a great deal of élan, ideas and sexy maverick interpretations come bubbling out of them.

Circo Nacional de Cuba The Innovative Power of Cuban Acrobatic Tradition

Gaze in amazement at the utmost technical precision of the star artistes of the world-famous Circo Nacional de Cuba, prize winners of numerous circus festivals around the world including Monte Carlo, China, Italy, Spain and France. Founded in 1959, the Circo National De Cuba picks up the centuries-old Cuban circus tradition and develops it further for the next generation. Since its beginning, the artistes have all been among the world’s absolute best and never fail to surprise with their new ideas, many taken from what started out on the streets of Havana. The normal circus atmosphere was bidden goodbye long ago – in breathtaking tempo to fast-paced hip-hop beats, the artistes create fantastical, utterly incredible formations with their bodies.


Live „Girl – Band“


Shalva Beniashvili
Idee und Konzeption

Rimma Wachsmann
Co-Produzentin Public Relations

Tanya Ostroverkh Regie/Choreografie/ Kostümdesign

Natalia Donchenko Regie/Choreografie

Noelia Vicente Vargas Flamenco-Choreografie

Michel Llamas Pereira Choreographer / Manager of Artists

Harry Hummel
Bühnenbild Videocontent